New 2022 Ford Fiesta Review, Specs, Price, For Sale

New 2022 Ford Fiesta Review, Specs, Price, For Sale – The Ford Fiesta, a very popular small car, will soon be redesigned. The first test drives have already revealed the model. In 2022, the Fiesta’s most popular generation will be redesigned. You can find everything you need about the facelift for the small car right here. Before it’s officially launched in 2022, a new version of the Ford Fiesta was seen on first test drives. Although drastic changes are not expected, the Ford Fiesta redesign should see some modernizations inside and outside to stay current. The Opel Corsa, Hyundai i20 and Skoda Fabia are all newer models.

2022 Ford Fiesta

2022 Ford Fiesta Review


The engine department of the 2022 Ford Fiesta will not differ from the current model, much like its styling. The updated Ford Fiesta will only be available with petrol power. There are options for a 1.1-litre engine producing 75hp and a turbocharged 1.0-litre option making 95hp,125hp, or 155hp.

2022 Ford Fiesta Specs

The gearbox options for the new car will be almost identical. All engines will come standard with manual gearboxes (five-speeds on 1.1-liter models; six-speeds on 1.0-liter models), although some turbo-petrol Ford Fiestas may also have an optional seven-speed automatic. Ford may add a mild-hybrid engine (similar to those found in the Puma crossover) into the Fiesta’s lineup, but there are no plug-in hybrids or full-on hybrids. For that, you will need to wait until the all-new Fiesta arrives, which is likely not before 2025.


Although the spy photos don’t provide a good look at the interior of the Ford Fiesta facelift, anyone familiar with the car’s interior will likely feel at home in this updated model. The updated Fiesta’s touchscreen and dashboard binnacle surround are identical to those in the pre-facelift. You shouldn’t be surprised that the changes are limited to a modified center console control layout and a redesigned steering knob.

2022 Ford Fiesta Redesign

2022 Ford Fiesta Price and Release Date

Ford has not yet announced when the updated Fiesta will be on sale. However, the updated Fiesta range will likely be available for order in the latter half of 2021 or early-2022. The updated Ford Fiesta range should cost around PS17,000. Prices won’t go up too much over the existing model.