2025 Ford Bronco Problems

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2025 Ford Bronco Problems

Ford Bronco Roofs Replaced Due To Quality Issues Remaining 2021


Early build Broncos have been developing issues as documented on Bronco6g with the molded-in color hardtop ranging from a honeycomb/snakeskin …

Ford Bronco Production Halted As Quickly As It Began


Ford has already been dealing with Webasto, the German parts company that has had problems supplying the Bronco hard tops since late last …

Like Clockwork Bronco Launch Issues Ford Botched Quality At


It’s been mere weeks since the first Ford Bronco deliveries began, and some teething problems have already come to the fore.

Ford Bronco Owners Report Quality Issues With Hardtop Roofs

Ford Bronco Owners Report Quality Issues With Hardtop Roofs

Reports from earlier this month highlighted issues with Ford’s supplier Webasto. The German company whose tooling was all located in areas hit …

CONSUMER WATCH Ford Bronco Engines Tend To Fail WVNews


An online forum about the Ford Bronco, Bronco6G, states that most of the vehicles’ problems are related to dropping a valve making the engines …

Ford Bronco Engine Problems Are A Growing Concern

Ford Bronco Engine Problems Are a Growing Concern

Reports of Ford Bronco engine problems are on the rise. See if you need to be concerned about Ford Bronco engine failure.

NHTSA Opens Investigation Into Engine Failures In Some 2021 Ford


The NHTSA has opened an investigation into reports of ‘catastrophic engine failures’ in the V6-powered 2021 Ford Bronco.

Ford Bronco Refresh Coming Sooner Than Originally Planned Report


An unconfirmed report states that Ford will give the Bronco a mid-cycle refresh in 2024, a year earlier than previous rumors.

NHTSA Is Investigating Ford Bronco Engine Failures Autoweek


NHTSA is investigating 2021 model year Ford Bronco SUVs due t reports of catastrophic engine failure. · The failure point allegedly stems from …

Dozens Of Low Mile Ford Bronco Engines Are Failing And Taking

Dozens of Low-Mile Ford Bronco Engines Are Failing and Taking Months to Repair

Ford Bronco engines are experiencing severe problems early on. Here’s what appears to be the issue and what Ford is doing to fix the …