2024 Ford Edge Towing Capacity

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2024 Ford Edge Towing Capacity

2022 Ford Edge Towing Capacity By Engine


It’s sleek. It’s stylish. It’s spacious. The new Ford Edge engine also provides a ton of power, not to mention an impressive towing capacity. In …

2021 Ford Edge Towing Capacity


No matter which of these powertrains appeal to you, you can reach the maximum towing capacity. Opt for the Class II Trailer Tow package, which comes standard on …

2022 Ford Edge Towing Capacity Engine Options


The new Ford Edge towing capacity reaches up to 3500 pounds when properly equipped. Learn about the engine options and towing features now!

2022 Ford Edge Trailer Towing Selector


Maximum towing capabilities are for properly equipped vehicles with required equipment and a 150-lb. driver and passenger and vary based on cargo, …

New Update 2023 Ford Edge Mid Size SUV Review

2023 Ford Edge: All-New Update Ford Edge Mid-Size SUV Review

2023 Ford Edge A piece of up-to-date information we’ve gotten … Tow Trailer Hitch Receiver (Optional) Maximum Trailer Capacity (lbs.): …

Towing Capacity Cargo Dimensions And Trunk Features Of The

Towing Capacity, Cargo Dimensions and Trunk Features of the 2024 Ford Edge

Are you in the market for a Ford Edge? In this short video you’ll learn the towing capacity, cargo measurements and trunk features of the 2024 Ford Edge.

2022 Ford Edge Review Pricing And Specs Car And Driver


With many mid-size SUVs offering three-row layouts, the 2022 Ford Edge is among a rarer group that prioritizes two-row comfort over maximum people-hauling.

The Real Reason Ford Cancelled The Next Gen 2023 Edge HotCars


Ford will begin to retool the plant in 2024, in preparation for the production of the upcoming EVs. The new electric vehicles are set to start …

Ford Edge Discontinued After 2023 Model Year In North America


Retooling at that plant will begin in 2024, with the first of five new EV models expected to roll off the assembly line one year later, with …